Celebrating the 75th Birthday of Alfredo Bellen

Trieste, June 20, 2016

On Monday, June 20, 2016, a celebration to honour Alfredo Bellen's 75th birthday will be held at the Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze of the University of Trieste.

Alfredo Bellen, who has been Professor of Numerical Analysis at the University of Trieste for many years, is wellknown in the international scientific community of the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations and in the Italian academic environment, where he has held some important positions up to a few years ago.
He has retired in November 2010, but has still continued to be active in research, teaching and organization.

During the celebration, three main scientific talks of "historical" character will be given by his colleagues Hermann Brunner, Nicola Guglielmi and Zdzislaw Jackiewicz, who are among the most significant scientific coworkers of Alfredo's. They will review the main results that have been achieved during years of fruitful cooperations.

The celebration will start at 15:00 in the room "Aula Morin", located at the second floor of the building H2bis, located in Via A. Valerio 12/1 and should end at about 19:00.

There is no formal registration. However, for organizational reasons, those who are intended to participate are kindly asked to send an e-mail to zennaro@units.it

The Organizing Committee (Marino Zennaro, Stefano Maset and Paolo Novati)