Stability and Discretization Issues in Differential Equations
University of Trieste, 21-24 June 2016

Conference venue

The Workshop will take place in the room 2A "Ugo Morin" of the Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze, at the second floor of the building H2bis, located in Via A. Valerio 12/1 (Piazzale Europa campus of the University of Trieste).




There are some bus lines passing by the University (Piazzale Europa Campus):

  • Bus line 4: central railway station zone < --- > University < --- > outside Trieste (Opicina)
  • Bus line 17: Piazza Unità d’Italia zone < --- > University zone
  • Bus line 17/: central railway station < --- > University zone
  • Bus line 39: central railway station < --- > University < --- > outside Trieste (Basovizza – Opicina)

Bus tickets may be purchased from tobacconists and newspaper kiosks.

More information on all bus lines may be found in the web site of Trieste Trasporti.