Stability and Discretization Issues in Differential Equations
University of Trieste, 21-24 June 2016


For a wide range of problems from science and engineering the numerical solution of differential equations constitutes the core task in simulations. The ability to solve such problems in a reliable way depends to a large extent on the stability of the computational process. The workshop addresses stability issues for ODEs, DAEs, PDEs, Dynamical Systems, and their discretizations. The meeting continues the workshops on stability of initial value ODEs, DAEs, and their discretizations held in Frostavallen (Sweden) in October 1999, in Berlin (Germany) in October 2004,  in Vienna (Austria) in September 2008 and in Pamplona (Spain) in April 2013. Accordingly, we aim at a small scale meeting of about 35 invited participants to support intense scientific exchange and personal contacts. All talks will be given in plenary sessions that provide ample time for scientific discussions. Our goal is to exchange the most recent results and to find new ways of tackling some of the open questions in this field of research.

We wish to bring together numerical analysts with an interest in continuous time and discrete time stability theory, contractivity, logarithmic norms and monotonicity, linear as well as nonlinear dynamical systems and the relation between stability before and after discretization.

Stefano Maset, Paolo Novati and Marino Zennaro